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There are actually two sidings at Glenwood Springs: The east siding and the west siding. In this shot, a string of hoppers (currently being stored) sits in the east siding while UP's Minturn Local sits in the west siding. The main track runs down the middle of the two. The Minturn Local (which, of course, hasn't actually gone to Minturn in nearly two decades, but still retains the name) will soon switch out some tank cars in the Glenwood Springs yard.
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Posted By Webmaster On Tuesday, January 19, 2016 At 7:36:00 PM (PT)

You are most welcome for the description. The siding names are based on direction of travel and the right side of the train. If you are headed west, then the siding on your right is the west siding. If you are headed east, then the siding on your right is the east siding.  
You make a good point about Amtrak. The east siding is technically 10,790 feet long while the west siding is 7,650 feet long. At the east end of the west siding, there is also a crossover to the east siding. Amtrak uses this crossover to get to the far east end of the siding (and access to the Glenwood Depot).

Posted By Walt On Tuesday, January 19, 2016 At 4:12:26 PM (PT)

Thanks for describing the two sidings in the Glenwood Springs Yard. I live here and didn't know that. It's interesting they are considered east and west sidings since they are essentially north and south of the main. I've lived here over 14 years and it's only been a few months since UP has decided to store cars on the east siding. It looks odd to me because most of the trains coming thru the yard run on the southernmost 2 tracks. Ones that I've always called the #1 & #2 tracks (out of 9 tracks) in the yard), South to North. The track that the stored hoppers are on, is the one that the #5 & #6 Amtrak trains always ran on.

Posted By Michael Tonne On Tuesday, January 19, 2016 At 3:47:18 PM (PT)

Great shot of a lot of action and snow!

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Monday, January 18, 2016 at 10:57:01 AM
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