Photo By: Kevin Morgan

I include this shot of the Winter Park Express mainly to point out something interesting...note that the signal to the left of the train is showing a yellow aspect. You may ask how this is possible since the train is in the block beyond the signal! Before answer the question, also note the "R" on the milepost plate of the signal. The milepost reads as "565R". That "R" indicates this signal is a "Repeater". Not only does the signal not give any indication of the track here, it does not even give any permission to approaching trains. It simply repeats the condition of the signal at East Winter Park. This is done so westbound trains emerging from the Moffat Tunnel can know what to expect at the signal at East Winter Park. In this case, the signal is yellow because the Winter Park Express will make a reverse move behind the signal at East Winter Park. The train had to flag past the east switch because the Zephyr is still in the Moffat Tunnel at this point. The train will back up so it can get a clear signal through the tunnel.
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Friday, February 2, 2018 at 4:44:59 PM
image date

Location Information
City or County and State
Winter Park, CO

Moffat Tunnel (UP)

Milepost or Control Point
Winter Park

Train Information
Winter Park Express
Unit Number
AMTK 156


Photo Information
Camera Make/Model
Canon / Canon EOS-1D Mark III
Did Not Fire

Focal Length
105 mm
1/250 seconds

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