TSCAD Version 2 is in Full Development
Greetings! It has been awhile, but I am back and working hard on TSCAD Version 2. Several personal issues came up that pulled me away from the project. But I am back now and more excited than ever. TSCAD Version 1 was done almost as an experiement just to see if it was possible. The design, which included using two third party software packages (Erland and RabbitMQ) simply was not sustainable. There were so many issues that made Version 1 unsustainable. This time around, TSCAD Version 2 has been redesigned and rebuilt from the ground up. Erland and RabbitMQ will NOT be required. In fact, no other third party software will be needed.

For news and information about TSCAD Version 2 as development progresses, follow our Facebook page.

What Is TSCAD?
Train Simulator Computer Aided Dispatcher, or TSCAD (pronounced TEE ESS CAD), is a program designed specifically for Run 8. It is entirely independent of the Run 8 team, but is being developed in cooperation with the Run 8 team. The goal is to make dispatching as realistic (and fun) as possible. With the release of Run 8 Version 2 and AI trains, someone that enjoys dispatching may just want to handle 75 trains across the California desert!

What Will Be In Version 2?
  • Fully functional routes. This includes all routes available in Run 8.
  • Ability to dispatch multiple routes simultaneously.
  • Ability to easily zoom in and out on the dispatcher display.
  • Ability to throw switches. To make the process more realistic, switches can take anywhere from 10-15 seconds to throw and "lock up". This is represented on the display as the switch flashing.
  • Ability to align signals (routes). As with switches, it takes a little time (around 7 seconds if all switches are aligned) for a route to "lock up". While the route is in the process of setting up, it will flash.
  • Ability to "knock down" signals. If a train is within two blocks of a signal that the dispatcher knocks down, the signal will have to "run time". This means that for a certain period of time, the dispatch cannot do anything with that signal, or any switch that signal protects.
  • INability to throw a switch if a route is aligned over it (route locked).
  • INability to align two signals against one another.
  • Train labels will display with each train.
  • Fully functional radio stack that will respect the radio towers in Run 8.
  • Track outside the limits of CTC is represented as dark gray.
  • Ability to stack routes at a signal.
  • Ability to switch to "fast mode" to quickly setup routes on the fly.
  • Ability to fleet signals.
  • Ability to issue Track and Time to Maintenance of Way.
  • Ability to add track tags (both restrictive and non-restrictive).

When Will It Be Released?
Nothing is set in stone, but I am aiming to have TSCAD Version 2 ready by Christmas 2017.

Go Get Run 8!
Before you can take advantage of TSCAD, you must first have Run 8. Head on over to Run 8 Studios and get your copy today. It is worth every penny!

What will it cost?
I don't have a definite answer to this question yet. More to come!