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Second Main Track - C&S Junction to Arvada Project
Summary Information
Railroad Union Pacific
Overview A second mainline will be added parallel to the existing mainline between C&S Junction and Arvada (CP DS007) on the Moffat Tunnel Sub.
Purpose This would allow DS-86 to temporarily park trains between Lamar Street and Tennyson Street while awaiting a fresh crew if both the Belt Line Bypass tracks are occupied.
Plan A second bridge will be built across Clear Creek at C&S Junction to support a second mainline across the creek. The new track will extend west to at least Pierce Street in Arvada (MP 7.5), a distance of 2 1/2 miles. It is currently unclear how far west the new track will extend

Detail Information
Timeline The project is currently in progress.
Major Obstacles 1. Adding a new bridge over Clear Creek at C&S Junction.
2. Adding new grade crossings at Tennyson Street and Lamar Street.
Project Updates
8/28/2011 - The configuration of the new tracks is starting to become apparent. A new track will be installed on the north side of the existing main between just west of Sheridan and Pierce Street. This will become Main 1 and the existing track will become Main 2. The existing track will be severed and reconnected to the new Main 1 track west of Sheridan. Then, a new main track will be built on the south side of the existing main from just west of Sheridan to C&S Junction. This new track will connect with the existing track just west of Sheridan, creating Main 2. A new grade crossing has been installed at Lamar Street and track has been laid (although not ballasted) between Lamar and Sheridan. Grading appears complete east of Sheridan, and Lowell Street will be closed between 9/6/11 and 9/9/11 to reconfigure the grade crossing there.
6/20/2011 - Crews are working on building a second bridge over Clear Creek at C&S Junction. The BNSF Golden Sub has been severed from the UP Main at C&S. For the time being, BNSF trains must use the Arvada Siding crossover to move between the Moffat Tunnel Sub and the Golden Sub. A flagman is on duty to assist with throwing of switches.
12/1/2005 - Unknown
Start Date 6/10/2011
Completion Date
Total Duration

Project Maps
Project Overview - This image (from Google Maps) shows an overview of the project. The red box includes the project area and the red line shows the length of the new main track. It may extend further west. That is yet to be determined.
C&S Junction Overview (June, 2011) - I have erased a section of the BNSF Golden Sub to represent the portion of track that has been removed. A new bridge is being built over Clear Creek.
Arvada Overview (June, 2011) - In this map, you can see how BNSF trains are currently crossing over between the Golden Sub and the Moffat Sub.
Pre-Construction Configuration - This map shows the configuration of the tracks prior to the start of construction. The signals on the left are DS007 (Arvada). The green track represents the BNSF Golden Sub. The thin white line is the Arvada Siding. (Not to scale)
August 2011 Configuration - This map shows the configuration of the tracks as of August 2011. The purple track represents track that has been laid but is not ready to be used (no ballast, not regulated, etc). New grade crossings have been built at Lamar Street. Lowell Street will be next. The brown sections indicate portions of land that have been graded. (Not to scale)
Final Configuration - This map represents the configuration of the two main tracks once the project is complete. Im not certain what the signal will look like at the east end of the Arvada siding. (Not to scale)

Additional Photos
Seven pictures taken around the C&S Junction area in June 2011 when the project was first getting started. (Apologies for poor photo quality…all photos taken with my iPhone 4).

Nine pictures taken between C&S Junction and Pierece Street in August 2011. The grading work appears complete and new track is starting to be laid.

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