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Yarmony Extension Project
Summary Information
Railroad Union Pacific
Overview The siding of Yarmony on the Moffat Tunnel Subdivision will be extended to the west.
Purpose On Saturday, November 4, 2000, a set of light engines heading west met an eastbound coal train at Yarmony. The crew on the westbound light power ran through the red signal at the west end of the siding and broadsided the coal train. The west switch of the siding was destroyed. In order to expidite the reopening of the mainline, the west switch was not rebuilt, rather the mainline was simply reconnected. At 4,560 feet, Yarmony is not a particularly useful siding anyway, so repairs on the switch were put off. Since then, Union Pacific has decided to extend the siding to the west, creating an 8,000 foot siding capable of meeting any train on the Moffat.
Plan The west end of Yarmony will be extended roughly one mile to the west. The east end of Yarmony will be moved west by roughly 1,000 feet to the opposide of the grade crossing. This way, trains stopped on the siding will not block the road.

Detail Information
Timeline Construction on the siding should be completed in early 2006.
Major Obstacles 1. Funding / Priority from Omaha.
Project Updates
3/14/2006 - The wiring for Yarmony is completed and the siding is officially put back into service at a length of 7,760 feet!
12/11/2005 - The new signals at both ends of Yarmony have been installed, although they are not yet active. The signals at the old west end are also still installed and online. The activation of the siding should happen soon.
10/7/2005 - The siding has now been completely buried in ballast and the tamper has come through and gauged the track. Seems that adding the motors for the power switches, the signals, and the CTC is all that remains to get Yarmony back in service.
9/27/2005 - The track for the siding at Yarmony is now aligned and ready to receive ballast for final gauging. Signals are not yet in place (although the masts are there), and all the wiring for the CTC still must be done.
9/19/2005 - All the new panel track for the siding at Yarmony is in place, but its final position has not yet been set, and there is no ballast under the track yet.
9/8/2005 - New signal masts have been installed at both ends of Yarmony.
5/22/2005 - New relay boxes (for the signals) and new concrete bases (for the signals) have been placed at each end of Yarmony. Signals have not yet been erected.
2/12/2005 - Track panels are being put in place at the west end of Yarmony (eight in place so far), but no ballast has been placed underneath the tracks.
10/23/2004 - Other than the installation of the turnouts at either end of Yarmony and some CTC work, no additional work has taken place.
8/13/2004 - New turnouts have been installed at both ends of Yarmony. A new switch just west of the grade crossing is in place. The old east switch and east signals are still in place. The new east switch is currently "spiked" to prevent it from being turned (it is not yet powered). The new switch is also installed, but there is no supporting track for the siding on the other side of the turnout. The new switch is currently spiked and unpowered.
6/29/2004 - The CEYPS-27 derails on the east switch at Yarmony, severing the siding completely. UP uses this opportunity to move the east switch west to the opposite side of the grade crossing.
5/2/2004 - Status on Yarmony Project is unchanged. Grading is still complete, but no additional work has been done in 18 months.
11/21/2002 - Grading for the new siding is complete, but no ties, ballast, rail, or signals are in place (or even onsite) yet.
5/20/2002 - One hillside remains to be cut (20 to 25 feet) and at least two ravines still must be filled.
4/12/2002 - Excavating is well underway, and at least one hillside has been cut back to allow the siding to run through it.
3/15/2002 - Excavating equipment has been moved to Yarmony to begin cutting back hillsides and grading a path for the siding.
11/4/2000 - Light power runs through the west end of Yarmony, hitting a coal load and taking the siding Out Of Service.
Start Date 3/15/2002
Completion Date 3/14/2006
Total Duration 1460 days

Project Maps
Yarmony, Pre-Extension - This topo map shows Yarmony prior to its extension. The blue highlight shows the full 4,560 foot siding.
Yarmony, Post-Extension - This topo map shows Yarmony once the extension project has been completed. In addition to nearly doubling in length, the siding has also *slipped* south. Note the red X at each end of the old siding.
Directions to Yarmony - Yarmony is the first siding east of Bond on the Moffat Tunnel Subdivision. It is actually less than 20 miles away from I-70 on the western slope of the divide.

Additional Photos
Images from the derailment on November 4, 2000 that led ultimately took Yarmony out of service, and led to it being extended, courtesy of Paul Birkholz (

Two images from the day after the derailment, also courtesy of Paul Birkholz (

An image showing a clear signal for an approaching eastbound 18 months after the derailment (May 26, 2002).

A few pictures showing the grading work at the west end of Yarmony taken on August 24, 2002.

On March 16, 2003, I got some shots highlighting the grading work a bit more.

Two shots taken on December 11, 2005 show that the extension project is nearly completion. Pictures courtesy of Nathan Holmes (

Three shots taken in April of 2006 with Yarmony now reactivated and back in service.

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