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Welcome to the Train Logs, detailing extended trips, special events, or anything else that might need a little bit more that just a simple caption! Here you can find trips that I've taken and have written extended stories about. Feel free to read the stories, or just view the pictures!

Summer Trip 2015: MRL and PRB
Without having an chance for a train chasing roadtrip since 2012, an opportunity came up in August 2015. It was time to explore new places with a trip to Montana and the Powder River Basin!

The Ski Train: A Last Look
This is now the third winter season without the Ski Train. So, I thought it was high time a Proshow be created in honor of the lost train.

Joint Line: Castle Rock to Pueblo
A great day spent on the Joint Line between Castle Rock and Pueblo, concentrating on Colorado Springs to Pueblo.

Summer Trip 2008
This spectacular trip was four days and covered the Powder River Basin in Wyoming, the Joint Line in Colorado to NA Junction, and the western slopes of the Moffat.

Heritage Unit Reunion
This TrainLog is actually a video presentation created using Proshow Gold. This show includes images from the Heritage Unit Reunion held in Salt Lake City in late June 2007.

Utah Trip 2006
Days were numbered for Rio Grande Tunnel Motor 5371 in Helper. So, a trip to Helper was in order to get some final pictures in September 2006.

Chasing Amtrak
Want to have an exciting and perhaps even challenging day of train chasing? Try to keep up with Amtrak as it heads west from Denver to Glenwood Springs!

2005: The Year In Review
This TrainLog is actually a video presentation created using Proshow Gold. This show is my review of 2005 from a Colorado railfan perspective.

UP 2001 Comes To Denver
One of two SD70M's painted in a special scheme for the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City came south on the Greeley Sub on the IOADVX-04 on January 7, 2006.

Utah Trip 2005
For four days from June 9 to 12 in 2005, myself and my friend Damian spent time in the Utah Desert and on Soldier Summit.

Big Load on Joint Line
BNSF moved a 570-ton "hydrotreater" from Houston, TX to Commerce City, CO. See the Palmer Lake to Englewood portion of the trip on April 15, 2005.

Big Ten Curve
One of the many unique components of the Rio Grande would have been Big Ten Curve. And, to a lesser degree perhaps, the hoppers on Big Ten. Check out this report from January 2002!

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