Photo By: Kevin Morgan

The DENTAC (Denver, CO to Tacoma, WA) is moving north at track speed on the main track as the Buck Local patiently waits in the siding. After reassembling their train on the main track, the local pulled into the clear to wait for the train to pass. After it cleared MP 16, the local got a warrant and backed out onto the main and proceeded into town.
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Posted By erik On Thursday, April 15, 2010 At 2:29:52 PM (PT)

yes, now thats a sight to see, somthing else besides coal on the front range sub. it seems bnsf prefers the shorter run manifests between ft. worth & laurel. ft. worth-amarillo. amarillo-denver. denver-laurel. why they do this, i dont know. back in the good ol days, there was nine different non coal trains that used the front range sub. trains # 91 & 92 were houston-portland, portland-houston. trains # 195 & 196 were houston-spokane, pasco-houston. trains # 193 & 194 were laurel-ft.worth, ft.worth-laurel. trains 261 & 262 were denver-ft.worth, ft.worth-denver. & train 6122-16 was havre-galveston. do any of these trains still exist? if so, please feel free to contact me. planning to spend about three weeks in june between amarillo & laurel. any current up to date info would help on bnsf train symbols that use the front range sub. happy highball!!!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010 at 2:13:20 PM
image date

Location Information
City or County and State
Broomfield, CO

Front Range (BNSF)

Milepost or Control Point
Broomfield (8,976ft)

Train Information
Unit Number
BNSF 4403

Paint Scheme  

Photo Information
Camera Make/Model
Canon / Canon EOS 40D
Did Not Fire

Focal Length
53 mm
1/800 seconds

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