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Parade of Westbounds including the GrandLuxe
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Sunday, September 30, 2007 - Sunday morning brought a parade of westbounds all trying to get out of Denver at the same time and head west on the Moffat! Some of them (freight) were being held to wait or others (passenger).  
Leading up the westbound parade was Amtrak 5, getting out of Denver just 15 minutes late. The train had nothing but clear signals all the way up through at least Crescent (when I lost it on the scanner).  
BNSF's westbound Pueblo to Provo was originally going to be held at Leyden to let the GrandLuxe Rail Express pass. However, the GLR got out of Union Station later than anticipated, so the freight was promoted from Leyden up toward Plain. At the same time, UP's MNYPV was moved from C&S Junction up to Leyden. A coal empty ready to head west waited on Bypass 1 in town.  
Next came the GrandLuxe Rail Express on its journey west. The train (formerly known as the American Orient Express) is back on the Moffat after skipping 2006. Three leased P42s led the train west with AMTK 114 on the point. The train is currently in the middle of its Rockies, Sierras and Napa tour between Denver and San Francisco. Passenger pay a hefty price (between $4,290 and $6,670 per ticket), but they absolutely ride in STYLE!  
After the GrandLuxe, UP's MNYPV finally got the go and followed the train west. BNSF's manifest (which had held at Plain) followed the GLR west and the NYPV was on the tail (yellows) of the BNSF train. Lastly, the coal empty got out of town too, following the other four trains on its way west. It was a good morning and I have added 11 shots to the Photo Gallery. Enjoy!

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