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DRGW Caboose 01490 West to P-Burg
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Monday, November 19, 2007 - Not a whole lot left to talk about these days when it comes to still-in-existence Rio Grande stuff. However, there are still a few Rio Grande things out there running around.  
For instance, DRGW 01490 - a steel caboose built in August 1955! This caboose has bounced around some in the last few years, even being leased to the Department of Defense for awhile. It looks like it is back in UP hands now though, as the caboose was sent west yesterday on the back of the MNYPH-18, headed for Phippsburg.  
Rumor has it that the caboose might be used on the back of the P-Burg local running west out of P-Burg toward Craig. I was hoping to get some shots of the caboose on the move, but unfortunately maintenance on the Moffat prevented that! The MNYPH was kicked out of North Yard around 1:30pm and immediately tied down on the new Arvada Siding not three miles west. The train sat their until 2am when it finally went west, getting to Bond around 6:30am.  
Here are a few shots of the caboose (not in the best of shape, paint-wise) sitting on the back of the train there at the Arvada siding:  
Kevin Morgan  

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