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BNSF Derailment; Amtrak 5 Six Hours Late
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Sunday, November 25, 2007 - Hello-  
As Alan already mentioned, there was a derailment on BNSF's Brush Subdivision out at Hudson, CO earlier today. Must not have been a particularly major derailment, as I didn't see any evidence of the derailment in the way of toppled/mangled cars. There was a boat load of BNSF maintenance crews at the east switch of Hudson.  
I'm thinkin' that a train derailed east of east Hudson and crews were inspecting/repairing track east of Hudson up to and including the east switch.  
The westbound Zephyr finally got talked past the east switch of Hudson about 20 minutes past noon. The train went through the siding at Hudson, passing the east switch at walking speed.  
After making it past Hudson, Amtrak had a clear shot into Denver (meeting eastbound trains at Tonville and Barr). It arrived into DUT just before 2pm, about six hours late. However, UP maintenance on the Moffat continues, and they were going to clear for anyone today...not even Amtrak.  
Amtrak was informed that they would be holding at Leyden until 4:30pm or 5pm, when the Form B (maintenance) cleared up. So, Amtrak took its time at DUT, hanging out at the station until sometime around 3:30pm. It made it to Leyden and diligently waited for MOW to clear up. As of this posting, it is probably somewhere in the vicinity of Fraser, now running about eight hours late!  
Oh, I also had a few other shots from town today too. Here are all the shots from the day.  
Kevin Morgan  

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