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UP Mothballs the MNYPV/MPVNY
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Tuesday, January 22, 2008 - You may recall that a little over a year ago - in November 2006 - UP discontinued the MNYRO/MRONY trains (North Yard to Roper) in favor of MNYPV/MPVNY trains (North Yard to Provo). At the same time, UP added an MPVRO/MROPV to move freight between Provo and Roper.  
Well, apparently that experiment has come to an end! The last MNYPV departed North Yard on January 18th (same for the MPVNY). UP has instead returned to the MNYRO/MRONY, running directly between North Yard and Roper. I don't have any inside information as to why the change was made, although I would speculate that it might be because a lot of the freight that heads west out of Denver is destined for Roper anyway. Might be faster to just drop off cars in Provo that are staying there and send the same train straight through to Roper, rather than breaking up the train in Provo and building a new one for Roper. Again, that is just a guess on my part!  
Kevin Morgan  

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