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DRGW 5371 Headed East...For Good?
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Wednesday, March 5, 2008 - The "final" end of the Denver and Rio Grande Western - at least in terms of its active diesel locomotives - may be just around the corner. The last of unpatched Rio Grande units on UP's roster, DRGW 5371, is headed east as the fifth unit on the MRONY-04.  
The train was called out of Grand Junction at 6:50pm tonight to continue east towards Denver. From various reports online, sometime near the beginning of February, a special note came up on 5371 in UP's computer. Apparently the note said something to the effect of "send unit to Cheyenne to be retired".  
But who knows!? Perhaps it is just headed to Burnham for a little TLC and then it'll actually find its way back to Helper for a bit longer. In any case, be on the look out tomorrow for Grande Gold on the Moffat! The MRONY-04 is being led by UP 6844 and is currently estimated to arrive into Denver at 2:30pm.

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