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Moffat Tunnel Sub Work Curfews
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Friday, September 30, 2011 - As of September 23rd, tie gangs started work on the Moffat Tunnel Sub. The work is going on between MP 45 and MP 106 (including sidings).  
The tie gangs are currently scheduled to work on the following days:  
September 23-30  
October 8-15  
October 24-31  
In order to allow the tie gangs to accomplish their work, the follow curfews will be put in place:  
Denver holds all westbounds after 2am up to a call time of 10am.  
Phippsburg holds all eastbounds after midnight up to a call time of 8am.  
Bond holds all eastbounds after 1am up to a call time of 11am.  
BNSF holds all eastbounds at Kremmling after 3am until a call time of 2:30pm.  
So, be aware of these major work windows on the Moffat during the dates above. Traffic is likely to be pretty light until the afternoon time frame. Amtrak will no doubt be allowed to slip through...  
Kevin Morgan  

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