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DRGW 5390 Fails / DRGW 5507 Patched
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Wednesday, August 31, 2005 - Over this past weekend, the main generator in DRGW 5390 Search Photo Gallery), one of the last two remaining unpatched DRGW Tunnel Motors in active service. The result was a fire that required the local Fire Department to extinguish it. The extent of the damage is not currently known, although the unit was to be taken back to Roper DIC (Dead In Consist). The unit is a "Priority 5" locomotive, meaning it is highly unlikely that UP will even bother repairing it. If they do repair it, it will certainly be patched or painted.  
Yesterday, August 30, the last of the 17 Rio Grande SD50s received its yellow patch at the shops in Roseville, CA. DRGW 5507 turned into UP 9851, joining six other SD50s that still have Rio Grande paint, but yellow UP patches. With this patch job completed, and with DRGW 5390 committing suicide, there are now eight Rio Grande units left. It also looks as though DRGW 3105 (Search Photo Gallery) may receive a patch soon, as it is currently in the shops at Burnham. Get those pictures now!!!

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