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Z-Train Rerouted Over Moffat
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Friday, November 18, 2005 - Earlier this week, there was a major derailment on UP's Overland Route in Wyoming. The derailment forced the closure of both main tracks, and consequently, the ZDVSC/ZSCDV trains were rerouted over the Moffat here in Colorado! There hasn't been a regular Z-Train on the Moffat since 2002 when UP officially moved the ZDVRO/ZRODV to the Greeley Sub / Overland and changed it to the ZDVSC/ZSCDV. It was therefore somewhat unexpected when the Z-Trains were rerouted via the Moffat again on Thursday, even though the Overland was open again. On both days, the westbound trains left Denver in the pre-dawn darkness, and the eastbound ZSCDV-16 arrived in Denver late Wednesday night, well after dark. However, the eastbound ZSCDV-17 encountered some serious delays on the Moffat. The result was a Friday morning arrival on the Front Range. I shot the train at Coal Creek Canyon, and then again near Chemical. It was great seeing UPS trailers on flat cars on the Moffat again. It will probably be several years more before such an event happens again.

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