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Great Weekend (Ski Train Trip)
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Monday, March 13, 2006 - I had several VERY good train days over the weekend (Friday through Sunday) and have another 11 pictures added to the photo gallery! The first three pictures are from Friday. The Cheyenne Local (on BNSF's Front Range Sub) died in Boulder without a fresh crew to take it into Denver. As a result, the train was tied down on the siding at Boulder with two (ex) Santa Fe units for power. The first was a blue and yellow SD40-2 and the second was a warbonnet SD75M in very good condition.  
On Saturday, I had a few hours to roam around Denver just seeing what was out and about. There was not a lot of action, but I did find two former BN SD60M's in the 9200-series in excellent condition. They are BNSF now, but their patch is a very small "BNSF" lettering below the windows on the sides of the cab. Both units had the three piece windshields. Second, I caught the southbound Denver to Barstow (MDENBAR-11) departing BNSF's 31st street yard for the Joint Line. I got a shot of the train passing underneath the 20th street overpass. The building in the background used to be referred to the "bum's hotel" as drifters would hang out there. Today, the building contains high class lofts going for more money that I'll probably see in my life! Finally, sitting in North Yard on the third rail was a string of flat cars carrying armored military equipment.  
Then, on Sunday, I worked the Ski Train (I am a car host) and it was a very snowy Colorado day. Great for skiing and for the Ski Train in general. I added six pictures from the day, including a few from the Ski Train on the way up and sitting at Fraser. Amtrak 5 came through the siding of Tabernash while we were in the process of wying. The MNYRO came west through Fraser with three SD70M's for power. I also had a chance to peek into the vista dome of the California and included to shots from topside! Have a great week!

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