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Beer Run / Chasing The Ski Train East
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Sunday, March 19, 2006 - This was another good weekend for getting some shots of trains in Colorado! Starting with some action at Pecos Street Crossover (the new crossover just west of Utah Junction). With partly cloudy skies, the Beer Train came east on Main Three headed for Prospect Jct led by two green (albeit patched) SD40-2s! There were also as many as three coal trains between C&S Junction and Utah Junction at one point during the day.  
Later on Saturday, my dad and I headed west on the Moffat to chase the eastbound Ski Train. We got to the Moffat just in time to hear the train highball East Portal. Even with the shortened time, we still got some good shots of the East Portal. Due to the bad weather (and the fact that the train has an advantage over us much of the way), we could not get setup for another set of shots until Coal Creek Canyon. That worked out okay though because the snow was falling hard there and made for some really nice shots. Finally, we shot the train coming east out of Rocky and entering Barbara's Gulch.  
The last set of pictures come from today (Sunday) around Denver. BNSF was switching 31st street yard (same as most every day) with a former BN GP38-2 and a former ATSF GP30. The train had to cross the Buck Main at 23rd street because they ran out of room on the yard lead. There was also a blue Conrail unit (now patched for Norfolk Southern) sitting near the 38th street engine house. First digital image I have of a former Conrail unit. Lastly, the northbound sulfur train (empty) was stopped on the siding at Broomfield waiting for a southbound that was at Fort Collins. The "Stinky Slinky", as it is affectionately called, had an ES44DC, a C44-9CW, and an SD70MAC for power. The first two units were BNSF in H2 paint. The SD70MAC was a CSX unit in the Dark Future paint scheme. Not too often those come around Colorado. Hope everyone has a good week!

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