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A Day on the Ski Train
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Monday, March 27, 2006 - While I wasn't able to get out and do any chasing on Saturday (spent the day with my daughters at the park), I did take the Ski Train (not voluteering, this time) yesterday and came back with several nice shots. Before that, however, I did shoot the Ski Train coming back into Denver Union Station as it passed underneath the Park Avenue West overpass.  
Yesterday, I got down to Union Station at 6:00am for a day of photography! Amtrak surprised everyone by backing into Union Station 40 (yep, forty) minutes EARLY, at 6:35am. After loading up, the Ski Train pulled out of DUT at 7:20am and headed west. It was a fairly typical day in the world of the Ski Train. Fortunately, there were no significant delays. We mad it to our destination (in both directions) on time. The pictures will probably tell the story better than I can in words!

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