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Ski Train 66th Season Completed
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Monday, April 3, 2006 - The Ski Train completed its 66th Winter Season on April Fools Day (and that's no joke). The train had good runs all three days (Thursday through Saturday) of its final weekend, making it up to Winter Park and back to Denver within 15 minutes of the advertised time. I was trackside with my two girls (I'll make railfans out of them yet) on Friday and got a nice shot of the Ski Train heading west through Plain. It was a beautiful morning with lots of sun and clear blue skies.  
Then, Saturday afternoon, my dad and I headed up to Rollins to chase the final run of the Ski Train (for the season) back east to Denver. Unfortunately, for the first time since I've been using digital, something happened with my flash card that caused 20 of the pictures on the card (the 20, coincidentally, of the chase coming down the mountain) to become corrupt beyond recovery. I'm convinced that the problem was not with the camera, but rather with my flash card reader at home. Regardless, later that night, we went down to Union Station and took several pictures of the Ski Train sitting on track two, and of Amtrak 6 (running very late) coming into the station for its scheduled stop. It was the first time I've stood around and watched Amtrak perform its stop, and I must admit it was quite interesting to watch. About a half hour after backing it, it was off to Chicago!

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