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Friday, April 14, 2006 - Hope you are ready to start your weekend! Before I start mine, there are a few things I wanted to announce. I have made a few enhancements to the website over the course of the week and I think you will find them interesting and even useful! First off, I have created a new Train Log for the journey last Sunday chasing Amtrak from Winter Park to Glenwood Springs. If you are interested in reading about the chase in addition to looking at the pictures, you can click here to read about the day.  
Okay, on to the enhancements on the site! The first enhancement is the inclusion of image information when view an image in the Photo Gallery. If you look at an image in the photo gallery (this one for example), note the new table at the bottom of the page. This table includes ISO, shutter speed, aperature, camera model, and focal length for the image. Digital cameras capture this information and store the information as a part of the image when it is stored. The information can then be parsed out of the image itself when it is displayed. Not all of the images in the photo gallery include this information, however. Some of the older images did not include this information. Some of the more recent photos also may not have this information if I had to rotate the image. When I get back to the PC and find that an image is slightly rotated (not 90%, but something like 5%), I rotate it so it looks proper. When that process is done, the information is lost. And, of course, the film images from the 20th Century Gallery do not have this information.  
Second up is the introduction of the Moffat CTC Display! If you know how to read a typical CTC display these days, then you are going to find this extremely cool. Even if you don't know how to read it, there is information on the page to help you learn. The page displays real-time CTC information (includes signals, switches, and block indications) for the Moffat Tunnel Sub between Pecos Street Crossover (just west of Utah Junction) and West Crescent. See the page for information on how this is accomplished. I cannot gaurantee that the display is available 100% of the time, but it should be up more often than not (probably 90% of the time).  
And finally, I have updated a few of the projects on my Projects Page. Specifically, the Yarmony Extension Project has been completed. The completion information and three pictures have been added to the project page. Plus, the Winter Park Grade Separation project has also been updated. As of the end of March, the main track was back in service and the siding was out of service as the bridge near the east end of the siding is nearing completion.  
Okay, that's it for now. Don't forget to keep those shutters safely snapping this weekend.

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