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Beer Run West / Joint Line Railfan Meet
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Sunday, April 30, 2006 - On Saturday, I took my wife to school in downtown Denver and, after grabbing some quick breakfast, looked around the yards to see if there was anything interesting! Not finding much in the yards, I headed back in the general direction of home, but got distracted by the Golden Sub.  
The Golden Sub, owned by BNSF (ex-BN, nee-C&S) is the track that leads from C&S Junction to Golden and the Coors Brewery. I have never really chased a train along here (even though I live within five minutes of the tracks), so I figured I'd see if the eastbound Beer Train was out and about. Turns out that they had just finished switching an industry along Ridge Road in Arvada and the light power was heading back to Golden. Still, grabbed a few shots along the line as it is a start! One of these days, I'll get some more comprehensive coverage of the line!!  
Then, on Sunday, after attending the railfan meet at Palmer Lake (there was a good turnout of railfans - I didn't take any post-worthy photos unfortunately) I headed back to the Golden Sub once again. After dropping my daughter off at her grandparents for the night, I heard on the scanner that the Beer Run was ready to leave 38th street in Denver. So, my youngest daughter - with bottle in hand - headed for the Golden Branch. We found the train as it was approaching Wadsworth Blvd in Olde Town Arvada, so we started there and chased it west into Golden.

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