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DRGW 5371 Survives, BNSF SD70ACe's
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Monday, May 22, 2006 - It has been awhile since my last updates. Whether I like it or not, gas prices are starting to have a toll on how much chasing I can do! You may have noticed that the vast majority of the pictures I've taken in the last month or so have all been taken within about 15 miles of Denver! Let's start this news story on a good note! DRGW 5371, the last surviving Rio Grande unit, went to Roper for a 92-day inspection on May 14. Roper was given the instructions to patch 5371 before it was released. Well, the patch kit never arrived and the unit was sent back to Helper to continue running in Dirt Train service. The next inspection will come on August 15, if it can hold out that long! Now, if only 5371 could make it to Denver for the unveiling of the DRGW Heritage Unit on June 17.  
Moving on to this weekend, I once again was limited to the Denver area, but did get several nice shots of various power, including two BNSF SD70ACe's. These units still look extremely sharp! I am of the opinion that, even if you don't like the engine, even if you don't like the paint scheme, an engine in fresh paint tends to look pretty darn good. While I'm not crazy about the new "Power Bar" herald that has replaced the Heritage II, I do like the black and orange over the dark green and orange. You can click here to see all of the pictures from the weekend, plus one shot of a UP local working west of Greeley last Thursday morning. I was on my way to a client site in Greeley when I noticed the local working just south of CO-34.

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