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UP 1989 Taking Its Time / Rainy Day on the Moffat
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Monday, July 10, 2006 - Well, last night UP 1989 (Search Photo Gallery) was added to the point of the MRONY-09. However, due to a lot of problems with rain on the western slopes, it is really taking its time getting back to Denver. The latest report I have is that is departed from Dotsero shortly before 7am this morning. It is also currently listed to have an arrival time in Denver late tonight (after midnight). We'll see where today takes us.....  
I also got out on Saturday and took a few pictures between Utah Junction and Blue Mountain. It was a very rainy / overcast morning (as it has been for several days all over Colorado). UP had coal trains blocking the Inbound, Outbound, and Main tracks at Fox Junction, resulting in Amtrak having to use the BNSF New North Main through Rennicks to get to Utah Junction. I waited at Utah Junction to get some shots of this rather unique move. I then headed west and got a few shots from the Big Ten/Blue Mountain area. You can view the pictures here. The wet weather certainly saturates the colors in the image, if nothing else...

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