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Work Window on the Joint Line
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Thursday, August 3, 2006 - Keeping with the spirit of summer time maintenance (such is the case with the Moffat right now), it looks like UP is going to be doing some serious work on their half (Main 1) of the Joint Line today.  
The last northbound train on Main 2 between Palmer Lake and Littleton just cleared its track warrant and BNSF DS-16 is about to start running southbound trains on Main 2. If you can get out and grab some pictures, it would probably be worth it as this doesn't happen all that often. I have two pictures on my site of this happening around the same time of year (July 31, actually) in 2003:  
UP Manifest at North Castle Rock  
BNSF Coal Load at Castle Rock  
Sounds like BNSF 5924 will be the first southbound on Main 2. The are receiving their warrant right now (9:10am) at Englewood. Since southbound trains are running on Main 1, look for a lot of northbound trains to stack up between Monument and Kelker!

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