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UP 1989 Apparently Broken
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006 - Is appears that something happened to the Rio Grande Heritage Unit, UP 1989 (Search Photo Gallery), when it was on its way south on the MPUNY-17. The unit was second out on the train and departed North Yard around 11pm on Sunday night, September 17. Apparently due to the failure in the unit, the train didn't pass Littleton until 12 o'clock noon the next day!  
The train ran down the Joint Line in daylight (very rare), passing the Joint Line Railcam in Monument around 2:15pm. You can see the image captured on Nathan's Rio Grande website here: Joint Line Cam  
Last night, the unit returned to Denver on the MPUNY (not sure if it was Dead In Consist - DIC - or not, but it sounds like it probably was). This morning, the unit is being moved to the engine shop in North Yard for inspection and repair. From what I've heard, the exact problem is not yet known as the maintenance crew is tending to a minor mishap (no injuries, no derailment) in North Yard. UP 1989 (Search Photo Gallery) will not run south on the MNYPU this evening.

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