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Ski Train Car Change / UP Train Change
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Tuesday, October 24, 2006 - Starting this season, the Ski Train car lineup will be different for the first time in many years. What was once Car 2 (Mount Bierstadt) has be renumbered and shifted in the car lineup. Mount Bierstadt (now Car 12) has been rebuilt into a Business Retreat Car. This new class of car on the train has 10 rows instead of the previous 20. The back half of the car has sofa, tables, and a bar! As a "Business" class car, there is a podium at the front of the car and the car has audio/video abilities that allow for computer presentation or iPod movies! You can see a diagram of the car on the Ski Train website. According the Ski Train's website, the car is available for renting for the day for $5,000. Individual tickets are not available and the cars capacity is 50. The car will provide a buffer between the coach class cars (2-11) and the club cars (13-15).  
Another change worth mentioning today is that UP has done away with the MNYRO (North Yard to Roper) manifest. This train (and its counterpart) returned to the Moffat in May 2005 after three years without a manifest running between the two yards via the Moffat. Not to worry can still find a manifest running west out of Denver on the Moffat, but it will now be designated the MNYPV (North Yard to Provo) and the train will terminate - as the name implies - in Provo. UP has a daily MPVRO which runs between Provo and Roper. Presumeably cars on the MNYPV that need to go on to Roper will be placed on this train. At ths point, the MRONY will run east all the way from Roper to North Yard.  
Today was the first run of the new train. The MNYPV-24 went on duty at 0900 with 45 cars (21 loads and 24 empties). Look for it to get out of the yard sometime between 1000 and 1200.

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