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UP 1989 Returns to Denver
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Tuesday, October 31, 2006 - After spending almost two weeks away from Denver, UP 1989 (Search Photo Gallery) returned early this morning. The Rio Grande Heritage Unit spent most of last week on an Operation Lifesaver Special (along with sister Heritage Unit UP 1996) in the Salt Lake City - Provo area. The duo was split up on Sunday and UP 1989 (Search Photo Gallery) returned east over the Rio Grande (SP 1996 was sent back west to Roseville in California).  
It was estimated that the train, the MPVNY, would arrive in Denver sometime this morning, so I set my clock a few minutes early to see if I might find it. Luckily, the train was holding the siding at Leyden, waiting for a spot in the yard to open up. Here are four shots of the train waiting at a red signal at the east end of Leyden, shortly before 7 o'clock.

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