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DRGW 5371 Released and Assigned
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Monday, December 4, 2006 - After spending Nearly two weeks in the shops at Roper, DRGW 5371 was released without a patch! Now for the bad news...rumor has it that one of the managers in the Salt Lake City Service Unit was really unhappy about the lack-of-patching of 5371, and gave orders that 5371 was not to be returned to Helper. Indeed, this is the case (at least at this point). While it is great to have 5371 still around, it will not be found on former Rio Grande rails much for the time being.  
It has been assigned to the Wendover Turn (LEU50/LEU51) which departs out of Roper, UT and runs approximately 120 miles west to Wendover, UT which is right on the Utah/Nevada border. Looks like the trip each way takes roughly one day. Today is the first day for 5371, scheduled to depart Roper this morning at 8:00am and arrive in Wendover this evening around 6:00pm.

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