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Quick Update on 5371
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Friday, December 8, 2006 - After a brief round trip between Salt Lake City and Ogden on the MSCOG/MOGRO, 5371 has once again gone west on the LEU51, arriving in Wendover, UT last night. Today it is coming east again on the LEU50 headed for Roper. It departed Wendover around 6am this morning and is scheduled into Roper this afternoon sometime around 4pm.  
It has been said that attempts will be made by Grande-friendly employees in the area to get the unit assigned to the Midvale Tramp (the LUH40). This would put 5371 back on (former) Rio Grande rails running south (east) out of Roper on the local. Once things have "calmed down" some in the future, hopefully it will even return to Helper at some point...

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