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Friday, December 22, 2006 - I have completed two new upgrades to the website and are now online and ready for your viewing. Both are related to the photo gallery. The first additional will hopefully make the photo gallery that much more interesting for you to view. Now, when you are looking at an image of a particular unit, you can scroll down below the photo information and see thumbnails for additional images of the same unit posted on the website (if there are any). Plus, if the unit is patched (UP 1445 is a good example), thumbnails showing images of the unit before it was patched will appear as well.  
The second enhancement is the ability for you, the web surfer, to leave your comments on any of the photos in the gallery. When viewing an image, you will notice an "Add Comment" link that will allow you to post your thoughts. No registration is required! You can view your comment (and others comments) below the photo information.  
Try them out! I think you'll find them enjoyable. And heck, being snowed in with 28 inches of snow on the ground, I couldn't get out and take any pictures, so why not work on the website itself.

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