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Ski Train Kicks Off 2006-2007 Winter Season
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Wednesday, December 27, 2006 - A Denver tradition started yet another season today as the Ski Train made its first of 43 trips between Denver Union Station and Winter Park. As was the case last year, the train will run on Saturday's and Sunday's in January, add Friday's in February, and add Thursday's in March. The last run of the season will fall on March 31st.  
I dragged myself out of bed early today to get some shots of the train on its way west. The train was all set to depart on time at 7:15am, but got nailed by Amtrak 5 which was arriving at 7:15am. The track that Amtrak uses when arriving is the same as the track used by the Ski Train when it departs. Amtrak is always given the higher priority when there is a conflict. At 7:40am, the Ski Train departed from Track Two and headed west. Get out and get some shots of the train...with 43 runs, there no excuse not to get out at least once!

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