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Rail Grinder Through Denver
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Saturday, April 14, 2007 - Over the past few weeks, a Harsco Track Technologies Rail Grinder has been making its way east on the Moffat. A few days a go, it made it into town and is now headed east on the Limon Subdivision. Earlier today (Saturday, April 14), the train came across the Belt Line and headed toward the KP. I happened to come across it and got a couple pictures of it in action. Quite an impressive process to witness.  
Water was sprayed over the tracks and surrounding area to reduce the risk of a fire starting. After the grinder passed over the area (generating a lot of sparks), more water was sprayed down to, again, prevent a fire. The grinder will most likely continue heading east, so anyone interested should get the chance to see it in the next few days. Grinding is a relatively slow process, so the train doesn't move much faster then about 10 MPH when it is actually grinding.  

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