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DRGW Engine Update / Cheyenne Frontier Days
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Tuesday, July 19, 2005 - DRGW 5390 left Helper today for its scheduled 90-day inspection in Roper. The Tunnel Motor was placed in the shops at Roper around 21:00 this evening. This leaves DRGW 5371 as the only Grande Tunnel Motor in Helper on the Dirt Train until the (hopeful) return of 5390.  
DRGW 3097 was sent to Burnham in Denver, CO for a 90-day inspection back on May 18, 2005. The unit is still in Burnham waiting for two new trucks. When the GP40-2 emerges from the shops, it will unfortunately wear the number UP 1352. DRGW 3097 is the last active Grande unit in the 30xx number range.  
Although this is not directly Rio Grande related, it is still noteworthy in the world of trains! This Saturday (July 21, 2005), Union Pacific will operate the Cheyenne Frontier Days Steam Train from Denver to Cheyenne on UP's Greeley Subdivision. The train will be led by UP Steam engines 3985 and 844!

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